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"Latest Virus Update"

This post may be important for your System

              In today's day a common f#$king Virus is founded in most of the system and the Virus is in VB Script that make shortcut file of respected file when any pan drive is connected to system. So here I am going to share a trick/solution for you to remove this virus from root.

Story Behind this solution:
    One of my friend Ashok Soni has a Laptop (Compaq cq43). When he inject any pen drive in his Laptop then a shortcut of containing files are created automatically and the original file is disappear. Here the problem is that if we want to copy data in another system then there also the shortcut file is copied and the name of the script in his system is "Micro~1.VBS". After a long time on his system I found a working solution for this virus.

Solution in Steps:
Follow these steps to resolve this problem 

Step 1:  Start Antivirus's Deep/Full Scan in your System. For Eg. I am using Kaspersky antivirus.

If you have no antivirus then install any antivirus.
I recommend you to Download Kespersky and Install from this link- Download Here (this link redirect you to the official website of Kespersky)

Note:After Full Scan it will remove all the virus from your system, here is an important thing that any antivirus can not remove this virus because this script is made by highly protection and your antivirus is not able to recognize that this is a virus.

Step 2: Now open task manager and End Process for any running WSCRIPT.EXE

Note:This can stop your virus but still this is in your system to stop/remove this for next login follow next step.

Step 3: Now open RUN (windows Key + R) and type regedit, It will open Registry Editor.

Step 4: Now Click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER".

Step 5: In this folder click on "Software" folder.

Step 6: In this folder click on "Microsoft" folder.

Step 7: In this folder click on "CurrentVersion" folder.

Note: In Windows 8 or some version of Windows 7 this folder is not available, so if you are not getting "CurrentVersion" folder then stop to follow the next step.

Suggestion: I am working on the solution of this problem for Windows 8/ Some version of Windows 7. So before I update the next solution I suggest you to end process of "WSCRIPT.EXE" in task manager with every login or download the latest version of Kaspersky Antivirus and install. When this is stopped then the attack of virus on your pen drive is automatically stopped.

Step 8: In this folder click on "Run"

Step 9: Now find any reference to a file that ends with .VBS and not the location where this file is present.

Step 10: Go to the Location and remove/delete the VBS file

Last Step: Now go back to Registry Editor and delete the key referencing that said .VBS file

Now you are done.

Still you have problem then write your problem in comment box.
Thank you.

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