How to make a pen drive bootable in Windows OS

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:Pictorial Solution:

Hi friends, i am Vikas. Some of my friends are don't know that how to make the pen drive bootable, they think that command Prompt is the only way to make pen drive bootable. But this is not right there are many way to make pen drive bootable and here I am going to share one of the method, so let's make it easy:

There is a software provided by Microsoft Named Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, Download this software from here :Download: (download source Microsoft Store)

Step-1: After Download install and open this software and it will look like this at the starting:

Step-2: Now Click on Browse button to browse your Operating system's (ie. Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.) ISO file:

Note:  You should have an ISO file of your Operating System that you want to install within your Computer System. Without ISO, the "Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool" is not able to make your device bootable.

Step-3: After browse your ISO file the file destination will appear in your Source file box, and now click on the Next button:

Step-4: Now choose the media type means which drive you want to make bootable, here I am talking about USB drive so we choose USB Device:

Step-5: Now Choose your USB/ Pan Drive, here i am using 8 GB USB Drive, so I am click on "F:\ (Removable Disk) - 7.5 GB Free". After selecting the USB Drive start copying files by clicking on Begin Copying:

Step-6: Now the Files are to be copying into your USB Drive. Wait till 100%.

Step-7: After 100% click on Start Over, Congratulation Now your Device is a Bootable Device and you can boot your pen drive with your system.

Note: Don't forget to click on Start Over at the last to end the task. 

If you still have any problem then type your problem in comment box of this post, or you can send us an e-mail to "" with your problem message.

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