Researchers unearth twisted magnetic fields for small hard drivers


At the University of Hamburg, Kristen von Bergmann and her team working on a very interesting technology. By doing the twist, they make a possibility to store up to 20 times more data in the same space, which could lead to much smaller hard drives for consumers. The work bend over around the twisted magnetic fields known as Skyrmions, which can keep back their structure even when chock full packing. They Figured out that how to cautiously write and erase Skyrmions, which is a first for the scientific community. The method depends on a scanning tunneling microscope, which applies spin polarization to a current of electrons that are stored on a magnetic surface. This technology is ready for us, it's currently around 60% reliable, and requires a vast temperature that's on per with liquid helium, but it is worth keeping an eye on as development progresses. 

The exact mechanism by which the spin current twists and untwists the skyrmion remains unknown, says von Bergmann. Deciphering it will require further experiments and more theoretical models.

Source: Nature

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