The Technology of Ford's Vehicle

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SYNC® and SYNC® with MyFord Touch®

SYNC is all about staying in touch, staying entertained, staying informed and staying reassured. All with simple voice commands. Never miss a phone call with hands-free calling. Have incoming text messages read aloud to you. Browse and play whatever you want to hear form your audio library with simple voice commands. With SYNC Service, you can get audible turn-by-turn directions, personalized news, stocks, and sports scores, And get the peace of mind that comes with 911 Assist, which can call for help if you're in an accident in which the airbag deploys.

And now with available SYNC with MyFord Touch, you can personalize your driving experience from entertainment to climate with simple voice commands, intuitive touch screen controls or customizable cluster screens controlled by steering wheel-mounted buttons.

Confidence in the corners:
   Thanks to Torque Vectoring Control, your drive will be nothing short of exhilarating. Torque Vectoring Control hugs the road while accelerating through a corner by adjusting the speed between the front wheels. This enhances cornering agility and reduces understeer.

Get in and get going- all without fumbling for keys:

   Available intelligent Access with push-button start streamlines the whole process of opening the door to your vehicle and starting the ignition. Simply have the key fob in a pocket or purse, or anywhere else on you. Once inside, press the brake pedal, hit the start button and you're good to go.

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