An amazing Bomb Detector, Dog

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                   Dog's smelling power is superb and they are good bomb detector, can inventor take this detecting power at the next level?

Dogs may be the most refined scent-detection devices humans have, a technology in development for 10.000 years or more, but they're hardly perfect. Graduates of Auburn's program can cost upwards of $30,000. They require hundreds of hours of training starting at birth. There are only so many trainers and a limited supply of purebred dogs with the right qualities for detection work. Auburn trains no more than a couple of hundred a year, meaning there will always be many fewer dogs than there are malls or military units. Also, dogs are sentient creatures. Like us, they get sleepy,they get scared, they die. sometimes they make mistakes.

  Animals can also convey metadata with redolence. When a dog smells a telephone pole, he's reading a bulletin board of information: which dogs have passed by, which ones are heat, etc. Dogs can also sense pheromones in other species. The old adage is that they can smell fear, but scientists have proved that they can smell other things, like cancer of diabetes. Gary Beauchamp, who heads the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, says that a "mouse sniffing another mouse can obtain much information about that mouse than you or I could by looking at someone."

  If breaking chemical codes is simple spelling, deciphering this sort of metadata is grammar and syntax. And while dogs are fluent in this mysterious language, scientists are only now learning the ABC's.

  It's Christmas season at the Quintard Mall, in Oxford, Alabama, and were it not a weekday morning, the tiled halls would be thronged with shoppers, and a person feel much weirder walking past Victoria's Secret with TNT in his pants. The explosive is harmless in its current from-powdered and sealed inside a pair of four-ounce nylon pouches tucked into the back pockets of his jeans- but it's volatile enough to do its job, which is to attract the interest of a homeland defender in training by the name of Suge.

  The TNT powder has no discernible scent to him, but to Suge it has a very distinct chemical signature. He can detect the signature almost instantly, even in an environment crowded with thousands of other scents. Auburn has been turning out the world's most highly tuned detection dogs for nearly 15 years, but Suge is a part of the school's newest and most elite program. He is a Vapor Wake dog, trained to operate in crowded public spaces, continuously assessing the invisible vapor trails human bodies leave in their wake.

  Now see that how and when the scientists use this super natural power of animals as a bomb detector to defend from terrorist.


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Vikas Swami

He is the founder of Technolosky and working on this site from September 2012. He is a template designer of blogger and logo designer also. He pursuing in Electrical and Electronics Department from Lovely Professional University,Punjab,India.