How to extend 90 days trial of Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation

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How to extend 90 days trial of Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation?

When you want to work with genuine windows 8 free then basically you use the Evaluation version of Windows 8 that is Enterprise Evaluation. When you install Enterprise Evaluation first time, then you get 90 days trial and for that 90 days you get an official genuine license.
Through a legal method you can extend your windows validation 90 more days, just follow these steps:

1. Run Command Prompt as administrator.

2. To see the current license of your Windows 8 type the following command:
3.To see the detailed information of the current license type, type the following command:
4. To see the expiration date of the current license, type the following command:
5. To extend the current license grace period again and rearm Windows, type the following command:

Steps in Picture-

>It is recommended that run this commend on 89th day so that 90 days get added to trial from that date.
>Only 3 times you can rearm your windows 8 trial.
>It is possible to reset the windows 8 rearm count,i will post the methods of reset rearm count in upcoming post.

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