Neptune Pine-The world's first independent smartwatch

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"Get ready for wearable mobile computing madness."
Steve Norris, Gearburn

                    In these days wrist watches are fading. Every person using their mobile phones to see the time, it means mobile phone has taken place of mobile. So Neptune Pine has brought a new watch that probably bring back those old moments.

Introducing the Neptune Pine:
                                        Neptune Pine is world's  first independent smart watch and i think you will ever want to get. Just insert micro-SIM card and you will be able to access the whole world on your Wrist. This is what you've all been waiting for.

The Pine has all the function and features of today's smartphone. You can make or receive a call, shoot video, take picture, browse the web, check your emails, listen to your music and much more through this watch. All you can do independently without the presence of a smartphone.

With the pine smart watch, you can conveniently keep up with your social networks, read news, surf the entire web.

The Neptune pine smartwatch comes with a full QWERTY keyboard that has been designed to fit the 2.4-inch display so that individual keys have the same dimensions as those found on the Apple iPhone, allowing you to easily post your status, send short messages, and conduct web searches.

The Pine smartwatch helps you keep track of your heart rate, your pace, your calories burned, your distance, and your position; allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals better.

The 5-megapixel Recondite camera lets you take stunning pictures and record high-definition video directly from your wrist; no need to pull out your camera or smartphone anymore. 
  With the finest materials and a trendy design, the Neptune Pine smartwatch is truly a bold fashion statement.

  Not only does the Pine smartwatch feature all of the standard connectivity that comes with a smartphone such as quad-band GSM, 3G, 802.11 Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0; the smartwatch also boasts a digital compass and NFC technology.

 A great product needs to run great software. That's why the Pine smartwatch runs Leaf OS, a modified version of one of the most advanced operating systems in the world: Android.

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