Lamborghini's dexterous bull back with Veneno.

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         Less Weight More Driving Fun, Lamborghini showing it's new supercar Veneno, at the 83'rd international Geneva motor show 2013. The Veneno name derived from a particularly passionate fighting bull. The concept of the Veneno is similar to the Aventador supercar. It's having 6.5-litre V12 engine but Veneno having 50 bhp more than Aventador, at 750 bhp.  That, combined with a wind -cheating shape, should mean a top speed of 221 miles per hour(mph).

         The car's front has been laid out for best airflow and down force. The Veneno  shares Aventador's scissor door and rear too. Sophisticated aerodynamics ensure superb airflow to the large opening for cooling the large V12 as well as supplying intake air.

The smooth underbody terminates in a diffuser framing the four exhaust outlets, while most of the rear of the car – featuring a plume and an adjustable wing – is open.

  The complete chassis as well as the outer skin are formed from carbon-fibre-reinforced composite materials, while the interior is a further demonstration of Lamborghini's skill with carbon composites, featuring a couple of patented lightweight materials for the seats and all interior surfaces. The monocoque is based on that of the Aventador, as are the alloy sub frames front and rear.

  Like the Aventador, the Veneno has a fast-shifting ISR transmission with seven  forward ratios and five modes, with drive to all four wheels. It also shares the Aventador's racing-style pushrod suspension with horizontally mounted spring/damper units. The Price of limited edition of Veneno is $3.9 million.
 It's recognizably Lamborghini,  although the overall look is reminiscent of sports-prototype racing cars. 

Source: Lamborghini


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