New Electric Bus Prototype, this technique can change your traveling style.

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Say hello to a new electric bus, invented by the Utah State University, Logan which is not only take passengers from its bus stop but also take charge through induction. 

It is totally different from our public transportation of present-days, neither the Aggie bus at Utah State University having overhead wires nor does it need to be plugged into a power source. The USU's Researchers found a new technology to get power form a power source without any wire or any other connections and they demonstrated that the electric power efficiency of this technology is 90%. At each Bus stop a 5 kilowatt wireless charge plate is installed over an air gap is 10 inches. With consistent routes and frequent stops, the Aggie bus is able to charge from the installed wireless charge plate rather than a big wired power source.

USU’s Wireless Power Transfer team has designed a more efficient way to meet the nation’s transportation needs. They using advance engineering and Nikola Tesla’s principles of induction, this technique provides a multitude of benefits  to the consumers.
it is the first bus developed and designed by a North American organization that is charged with wireless power transfer technology and is the world’s first electric bus with WPT technology combining the three following performance metrics: A power level up to 25 kilowatts, greater than 90 percent efficiency from the power grid to the battery and a maximum misalignment of up to six inches is set to launch in mid-2013.
Vikas Swami

Vikas Swami

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