A real life tiny Transformer, that can change its shape into (almost) anything

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Almost peoples of us have seen transformer movie, in the movie you have seen that the Autobots transfer their  body into a huge robot so we called them transformers, is it possible, can robots change their body into any shape.
Picture- MIT News
     Yes, it is possible and this smart work has done by MIT's Neil Gershenfeld and his colleagues. Meet the Milli-Motein. They build a real life transformer capable of molding itself into almost any shape. This is the caterpillar sized robot and is able to modify its shape by elongating, bending, twisting and n number of combination into any shape as you can imagine, from coffee cups to airplane turbines and more other shapes. 
     The team invent a new kind of motor entirely to build the world's smallest chain robot. And the motor is not only small and strong, but also able to hold its position strongly  even with power switched off. The researchers met these needs with a new system called an electropermanent motor.
      This little device is called a Milli-Motein.  A name melding its millimeter-sized components and a motorized design inspired by proteins, which naturally fold themselves into incredibly complex shapes. This minuscule robot may be a messenger of future devices that could fold themselves up into almost any shape which we imagine. 

Source- MIT.edu

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