Now Petrol will be made by Air

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London October.20.2012
                              Scientists have developed a technology to make Petrol from the air. Anxious on the increasing number of vehicles and fuel sources are becoming end, the world may take a sigh of relief. In the British newspaper 'The Telegraph' a report is  printed about this. This technology is developed in 11 million pounds (about Rs 9.52 crore). Located Teesaaid in a factory,  they are made ​​5 liter petrol in last 3 months.

This is The Formula-

 Drag carbon dioxide form the air and mixed with sodium hydroxide. From this we will obtain sodium carbonate and from sodium carbonate pure carbon dioxide is prepared. And after that water is separated from this by using dehumidifier machine. Again Hydrogen gas is separated. After that methanol is prepared by mixing hydrogen form carbon dioxide and by refining petrol is prepared.

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