How to check IC by your Laptop/PC using optical mouse

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 , 2 Comments

Hi Viewers, Last time i gave you instruction about boost bass and increase sound frequency. Now i am giving you instruction about  how to check your IC when you not have an IC Checker. This is very useful when you are making a project. This is very simple and i was success in this practical, just following these steps-

1.First of all take a USB Optical mouse and open it then you will see this

2. In the optical mouse you have seen that one LED is there which is in orange bubble. Under the LED you will see the positive and negative terminal of the LED.

in this picture you have seen the LED and it's terminal.

3. Now use +'ve terminal as Vcc and '-'ve terminal as ground

4. After that make your circuit according your IC on Bread Board  and make sure that your circuit is right-

Now Insert the USB wire into your Laptop/PC's USB Port.

After Connecting ,your circuit will be work with 5 v Vcc

1. Connect circuit very carefully with all connections tight and clear. 
2.Do not short circuit +ve and –ve terminals of mouse's LED, this will be damage your mouse and USB Port also.

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