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How to boost bass and increase sound frequency in windows 7/8/8.1

How to boost range of audio frequency in windows

Q. How to Boost bass in Windows?
Q. How to Boost range of audio frequency in Windows?
Q. How to Prevent Speaker of laptop from damage in Windows?
Q. How to Make audio quality better for Laptop speakers Windows?

Your Answer is here:-

 Hi viewers i am here to give you the instruction about how to boost bass and increasing the frequency of Sound in your laptop or PC when you are using windows 7/8/8.1 OS. If you want to make your speaker's quality best then follow these steps-

Step 1-
      Click on speaker volume icon which is located with the time and date-

Step 2-
        Now Click on the speaker icon which is over the volume line.

    after this you will see this-
 this is the properties of your speaker.

Step 3-
       Now click on Enhancements-

  after clicking you will seen this-

in this picture you have seen that all the four option in red bubble are unmarked now go to the next step.

Step 4-
      Now mark Bass Boost, Virtual Surround and Loudness Equalization. Do not mark Room Correction.
Now Apply the setting and click on OK.

Step 5-
        Now Reopen the same (Speakers/Headphones Properties>Enhancements) after that click on setting.
 After clicking you have seen this box-

Frequency- your initial Frequency is 50 Hz change this with 600 Hz. 

Boost Level- If you are working with normal laptop speakers then you should have boost level at 15 dB or less than it  and if you are having high power woofer then change the boost level from initial stage to 24 dB(Max).

Now Enjoy HD quality sound with high frequency and bass boost technology.


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  1. Thank you so much for this! It has made a huge difference on the speakers of my Dell Inspiron 1525!

  2. Nothing appears for me when I go to Enchantments. What should I do? I have a Realtek sound card.

  3. this technique only works for those who are not having any type of sound driver, you already have Realtek sound driver that's gives you proper sound with proper frequency.

  4. Thanks very much for the technique

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  6. For me, 60 hz gives the best Bass boost. Put it up to 80 hz if you like less.

  7. Naive! Depending on your Operating System and Installed Sound Driver, the above Diagrams and instructions may become completely useless !!!

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