facebook:The world of 1 billion Peoples

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       In just 7 years the monthly users of the Facebook is 1 billion. Lets have  a look the social networking site Facebook who connect the people of whole world:

The third largest country.

1.China- 1 billion 340 million

2.India- 1 billion 210 million

3.Facebook- 1 billion(in just 2 years the Facebook user base is doubled)

>>Facebook user approximately 20 minutes passing through on every visit.

>>600 Million peoples are reach to the Facebook through mobile phones.

>>14 % world is on Facebook, 3.9 % Indians are on Facebook.

>>In the world 43 % are male users and 57 % female users.

>>In India 73 % are male users and 27% female users.

One more world in Facebook world-

> 8 billion chat                       60 % users are poured over<
message every day                 Relationship status on FB.

>219 billion                           3 Most Popular Games on  <
photograph upload                 Facebook-
                                               1. Gardens of Time
> 1000 billion like                  2. The Sims Social
from February 2009 to           3. Cityville
October 2012.          

The Real Face of Facebook-

Mark Zuckerberg 
(founder and Chairman of Facebook)

47.02 Billion dollar
(market cap of Facebook)

710 million dollar
(Profit of company)

28.2% Mark Zuckerberg's holding

earning from every user in every year-

4.34 $ Global average

9.51 $ From America and Canada

1.79 $ From Asia

To reach 1 billion peoples Facebook takes only 7 Years, But McDonald's reach the same in 40 years.


Vikas Swami

Vikas Swami

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