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              The Brain, is the main part or we can say primary center of the nervous system and control just everything you do. Even when you are asleep brain gives you dreams.It is so complex, That scientist having studied the brain for centuries are still light years away from fully understanding it.Without Brain Technology is Nothing So in this part i want to share the parts of Brain in which we are thinking , doing tasks and many more.

1.The Largest Part of the brain-(Cerebrum)

Cerebrum is the Largest Part of the human Brain, and it is 85% Part of the total Brain.The Cerebrum is the thinking part, and it control the voluntary muscles. The Cerebrum has two mediate. The right half helps you to think about abstract things like Sound(music), colors and shapes. The left half is said to be more analytical, helping you with math, logic and speech. So without Cerebrum you can not play Games and also can not solve the math's question.

2.Second Largest Part-(Cerebellum)

Cerebellum is the second largest part of human brain but it is only 1/8th of cerebrum in size. You can see Cerebellum in the above picture. It controls Balance, Movement and Coordination. It helps you to dodge the ball and skate.

3.The Brain Stem
                              This is the top View
It controls Reflexes, Hart rate, Blood Pressure and Breathing. It Calms you Down after a run.


It Regulate the temperature of our Body, When you feel hot it tells the body to perspire or Shudder when you feel too cold. Both are try to get back your body's temperature normal.

5.Pituitary Gland
Pituitary Gland is the size of Pea. But, do not go on the size,for this is the gland that helps you to grow and also converts food to give you maximum energy.


Neurons are the brain nerve cells. There are about 100 billion of them. When you were born, your brain came with all the neurons it will ever have, but many of them were not connected. When you
learn new things, messages travel from one neuron to another, over and over making a new pathway, Depends on how many, you Make.

Did You Know?
1.Human Brain weight is 1.36 Kilogram, about 2% of total body weight.

2.It is made up of 75% water and uses 20% of the total oxygen in the body.

3.The sperm whale is a marine mammal species, having the largest brain of any animal. 

4.Invertebrates such as sponges, jellyfish, adult sea squirts and starfi sh do not have a brain.

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