How to Start Study from today not tomorrow?

How to Start Study from today not tomorrow?

  To start study is not a big deal with bookish or some of intelligent student, but it is very tough for those students who depends on tomorrow to achieve A+ grade. These students are bound by laziness. They says to themselves , " I should start my study from tomorrow i think today it's too late to study or i am a bit tired today." But Next day (tomorrow), he repeat the same thing and this goes till the exams.

  Today I am going to share a very interesting post that will help you to start study. Keep 3 things in mind before start study:

     1. Do not lie down during study.                                                       
     2. Keep Mobile/Laptop far from you during study period.
     3. Avoid continuous study (2:30 hrs), take a 10 minute rest after 2 hrs of your study.

Do not lie down during study :

There are 5 phases of sleep 1,2,3,4 and REM( rapid eye movement) sleep. And these are working in a cycle from stage 1 to REM. We get a light sleep during stage 1 and I call a this stage as a special term "Ghost of Study". We drift in and out of sleep and can be awakened easily. Our eyelids move very slowly and muscle activity slows, often preceded by a sensation of starting to fall.
 So when you lie down and study there are 70% chance to get bore after 10 or 20 minutes and then you get enter into the first stage of sleep. Sometimes this can also be happen during lie down and watching a movie. Sleep is important but not during study time.

   In a hostel survey there are 78.89% students who abrade their 70% of hostel time in lie down on bed, so try to make it 40 to 50%. Keep one thing in mind that 6 to 7 hours sleep is important for a student.

 Keep mobile/laptop far from you:

This is very important to you that during study time all entertainment equipment are far from you otherwise your mind will be distracted and you will be in trouble.

Avoid Continuous study:

   Please don't do continuous study in your enthusiasm of the study, take a rest of 10 mins. after every 2 hrs. or you can take rest if you feel tired in between your study. Continuous study will harm your memory as well as your catching power to get something into your mind. There are no cooling system like a machine in our mind, to make it cool stop study after 2 hrs for 10 minutes and start again.

Before starting it keep one thing in mind that you should have determination about your study, sit down properly and start. Don't think that there is a lot of time for your exam and tomorrow is the best day for you to study. Start from tomorrow is a foolish thing that every person have, if you think that you can do something tomorrow then it means you can do that thing right now. Believe me doing something today is awesome, you feel relaxed after start something from today.
      Don't wait for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.
                     Start it now because you can do this.
All the best for you and your exams.
Keep learning, Keep growing.

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Vikas Swami: He is the founder of Technolosky and working on this site from September 2012. He is a template designer of blogger and logo designer also. He pursuing in Electrical and Electronics Department from Lovely Professional University,Punjab,India.More...

Latest solution for Shorcut Maker Virus

"Latest Virus Update"

This post may be important for your System

              In today's day a common f#$king Virus is founded in most of the system and the Virus is in VB Script that make shortcut file of respected file when any pan drive is connected to system. So here I am going to share a trick/solution for you to remove this virus from root.

Story Behind this solution:
    One of my friend Ashok Soni has a Laptop (Compaq cq43). When he inject any pen drive in his Laptop then a shortcut of containing files are created automatically and the original file is disappear. Here the problem is that if we want to copy data in another system then there also the shortcut file is copied and the name of the script in his system is "Micro~1.VBS". After a long time on his system I found a working solution for this virus.

Solution in Steps:
Follow these steps to resolve this problem 

Step 1:  Start Antivirus's Deep/Full Scan in your System. For Eg. I am using Kaspersky antivirus.

If you have no antivirus then install any antivirus.
I recommend you to Download Kespersky and Install from this link- Download Here (this link redirect you to the official website of Kespersky)

Note:After Full Scan it will remove all the virus from your system, here is an important thing that any antivirus can not remove this virus because this script is made by highly protection and your antivirus is not able to recognize that this is a virus.

Step 2: Now open task manager and End Process for any running WSCRIPT.EXE

Note:This can stop your virus but still this is in your system to stop/remove this for next login follow next step.

Step 3: Now open RUN (windows Key + R) and type regedit, It will open Registry Editor.

Step 4: Now Click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER".

Step 5: In this folder click on "Software" folder.

Step 6: In this folder click on "Microsoft" folder.

Step 7: In this folder click on "CurrentVersion" folder.

Note: In Windows 8 or some version of Windows 7 this folder is not available, so if you are not getting "CurrentVersion" folder then stop to follow the next step.

Suggestion: I am working on the solution of this problem for Windows 8/ Some version of Windows 7. So before I update the next solution I suggest you to end process of "WSCRIPT.EXE" in task manager with every login or download the latest version of Kaspersky Antivirus and install. When this is stopped then the attack of virus on your pen drive is automatically stopped.

Step 8: In this folder click on "Run"

Step 9: Now find any reference to a file that ends with .VBS and not the location where this file is present.

Step 10: Go to the Location and remove/delete the VBS file

Last Step: Now go back to Registry Editor and delete the key referencing that said .VBS file

Now you are done.

Still you have problem then write your problem in comment box.
Thank you.

Post By: Vikas Swami

The Powerful Cyclone PHAILIN

Cyclone "PHAILIN"

A Powerful Storm Phailin (पिलिन) bring the old 1999's grievous memories that killed 10,000 people, is bump on the Gopalpur coast of Odisha.

Highly Powerful storm Phailin has come in India. When this storm has collide to the Odisha's coast then the speed has measured by 200 kmph. Meteorological department feared that further the speed will exceed by 20 kmph and it will become 220 kmph. If so, then Phailin be called Super Cyclone and destruction would be more. So far, 5 is dead and one ship is missing in which 35 people are aboard.

Heavy rain with strong winds, Broken windows, Gopalpur shrouded in dark:
     In Gopalpur the windows of home exist around has broken due to the highly speed winds (210 kmph). It is expected that the rainfall will continue to the next 48 hours.

Helpline Numbers for Andhra Pradesh:
1. Vijaywada    0866-2575038
2. Rajamundri   0883-2420541 , 2420543
3. Kajipet           0870-2548660
4. Warangal      0870-2426232
5. Khammam    08742-256026
6. Mancherial    08736-250081

After touching the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha The PHAILIN Storm has been entered in the interior areas. The effect of PHAILIN will be on 7 states of India. Through Storm 5 deaths have been confirmed so far in Odisha. The Storm threatens is almost over. Normal life is disruped in many places. Army is engaged in relief and rescue work. 

Last Update of this post: October.13.2013 16:48 IST

More Post about Storm Click Here.

How to make a pen drive bootable in Windows OS

:Pictorial Solution:

Hi friends, i am Vikas. Some of my friends are don't know that how to make the pen drive bootable, they think that command Prompt is the only way to make pen drive bootable. But this is not right there are many way to make pen drive bootable and here I am going to share one of the method, so let's make it easy:

There is a software provided by Microsoft Named Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, Download this software from here :Download: (download source Microsoft Store)

Step-1: After Download install and open this software and it will look like this at the starting:

Step-2: Now Click on Browse button to browse your Operating system's (ie. Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.) ISO file:

Note:  You should have an ISO file of your Operating System that you want to install within your Computer System. Without ISO, the "Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool" is not able to make your device bootable.

Step-3: After browse your ISO file the file destination will appear in your Source file box, and now click on the Next button:

Step-4: Now choose the media type means which drive you want to make bootable, here I am talking about USB drive so we choose USB Device:

Step-5: Now Choose your USB/ Pan Drive, here i am using 8 GB USB Drive, so I am click on "F:\ (Removable Disk) - 7.5 GB Free". After selecting the USB Drive start copying files by clicking on Begin Copying:

Step-6: Now the Files are to be copying into your USB Drive. Wait till 100%.

Step-7: After 100% click on Start Over, Congratulation Now your Device is a Bootable Device and you can boot your pen drive with your system.

Note: Don't forget to click on Start Over at the last to end the task. 

If you still have any problem then type your problem in comment box of this post, or you can send us an e-mail to "" with your problem message.

Thank you.

Want to hack a Game with Cheat Engine

If you want more health,time,coins, bullet, money and other things in a game without complete the high level of game then this is the right post for you.
   I have a trick for you, the trick is a software named Cheat Engine. This software is made by Eric Heijnen (Dark Byte). It has some Direct3D manipulation tools, that allowing you to see through wall, zoom in/out and with some advance configuration allows Cheat Engine to move the mouse for you to get a certain texture into the centre of the screen (More about Dark Byte and Cheat Engine-Wikipedia) .


1.How to hack a game ?
2.How to increase the health/time/coins in a game ?
3.How to apply cheat in a game ?

It's difficult to understand this software for the first time but if you get the logic then it will be easy for you. 

Step by Step Solution-

Step-1:  Download Cheat Engine from the official site of cheat engine and then install.
                     >>Download Cheat Engine<<
           (Downloading Source

Step-2: Now open the application in which you want to apply the cheat, for your understanding I am taking the example of Subway Surfers(PC) Game in which I make 99999 coins or more at a time.

Step-3: After opening this open Cheat Engine and then Select a process to open.

Step-4: After this a process list will appear, choose your application which you want to play with cheat.

Step-5: Now start Subway Surfers game by clicking on tap to play and in this initially you have 0 coins.

Step-6: Now collect starting coins for example I collect 7 coins and then collide to the train.

Step-7: Now come to the Cheat Engine software and type 7 in the value box and then click on New Scan. After Scanning all the 7 values are appeared at the left section of the software with different different Addresses.

Step-8: Now again go to the game and play. Now collect some coins eg. I collect 5 coins and collide to the train, the value that is before 7 is increased by 5, Now the total value is 12 means the coins are 12.

Step-9: Now go to cheat engine software and change the value in value box from 7 to 12 and then click on next scan.
Q. Why we need to change the value form 7 to 12 ?
Ans. Because our new total coins are 12 and the scanner scan the value that are change form 7 to 12 so at the left section the new values are come.

Step-10: Now play again the game and collect some coin for eg. I collect 4 coins and now the total coins are 16.

Step-11: Now go to Cheat Engine software and see the value that are changing form 12 to 16. In picture(below) you can see that there two values that are changing from 12 to 16.

Step-12: Now double click on these two values. Now these two values are appear in Description box that contain Active, Description, Address, Type and Value. Select the value in description box and then press enter (see the picture for more understanding).

Change the value:

here I change both the 16 value by 9999 in description box.
Note: Change all the values that are in description box as your requirement, Because you don't know the address of the coin values.

Step:13- Now go to the game and click on shop. Purchase any item, your coin will automatically increased and now you can purchase any item without playing the high level of the game.

Note: There are some values that are green means these values are variable and change every second automatically, So there is no changing of coin or anything by changing these green values. If you do not get the black values then try again.

In some of the games this trick not working because there all the values are variable for eg. In GTA Vice City this trick is not working.

You can try cheat engine with all the games but it work only where the values are not green means not variable or black.

If you still have problem then type your problem in comment box.

Thank you.

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>Vikas Swami< He is the founder of technolosky and working on this blog from September 2012. He pursuing in Electrical and Electronics Department from Lovely Professional University,Punjab,India.
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